Is your dog chubby, pudgy, overweight or obese?
We provide you with a customized home-prepared diet recipe (easy to make) JUST FOR YOUR DOG - after you recieve your order, email us with the current and target weight of your dog - we email you a simple recipe that uses the kit supplements!
Recent research and continuing studies show that overweight dogs are more susceptible to many diseases including joint, ligament, tendon and arthritis conditions, diabetes, digestive upsets, lower blood pressure, pancreatitis, respiratory problems, allergies, skin conditions and slow healing.
The bottom line? - Lean dogs are healthier, live longer and show less signs of aging, healthier blood sugar levels,
Is my dog overweight? Most owners think their dog is fine but almost 80% of dogs are overweight! Here’s how to tell - Ribs should be easily felt under a thin layer of skin. When viewed from above, you should easily see a ‘waist’ and from the side you should see an abdominal tuck.
What can I do if my dog is overweight? DIET - feed a home prepared diet and use our Weight Loss Supplement Kit featuring 3 essential products:
Organic Green Power - concentrated herbs and vegetables from the land and sea. This is one of the best organic, concentrated supplements - excellent for weight control
Flax Oil - Fresh pressed for us - an excellent source of Omega 3, 6, and 9
Sea Calcium - natural source of balanced calcium and phosphorus and other essential minerals and micronutrients - balances the special weight loss diet.

Weight Loss

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