Greens from land and sea

"Green" food - nutritive and uplifting for the whole body. Our broad-spectrum herbal formula is traditionally used for:

· Improving energy levels
· Improving digestion
· Building blood
· Introduces green plants and vegetables into the diet
· Helps dog recover from illnesses
· Useful during or after drug therapy
· Improving resistance to diseases
· Promotes healthy skin and coat
· Improves joint function
· Heart tonic
· Promotes fresh breath

Green Power provides the nourishment that most dogs lack in their commercially processed diets. 
Green foods are so important to your dog’s diet because of the beneficial enzymes and life force. Chlorophyll is an important antiseptic, a cell stimulator, red blood builder, and rejuvenator. It relieves respiratory conditions, it nourishes the blood, and is beneficial for heart conditions. Plant ‘blood’ helps build animal’s blood naturally. Catabolic and anabolic at the same time, chlorophyll is a powerful detoxifier and tonic. It cleanses the blood and builds red blood cells.

Greens are safe and recommended for long-term use.

Green Power!

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