Toxic dog syndrome?

Paw chewing, biting at paws, incessant licking between toes, rashes that won’t go away, weepy eyes, chronic ear problems, anal gland problems, body odor, your dog is constantly on and off steroids and antibiotics, digestive problems, and has unhealthy skin and coat??

Is this a description of your dog?

The list above are some of the most common symptoms Marlene & I read about each day when we open our email. The kits below will help you solve many of these problems. There is no quick fix or magic pill - your dog has what we call

The Toxic Dog Syndrome

“This is a 2 stage process, focusing not so much on ‘adding’ products but REMOVING toxins” -Marlene

The Detox Kits are designed to cleanse and detoxify your dog. It is the accumulation of metabolic wastes and toxins that eventually cause chronic skin and digestive upsets. Heal from the INSIDE - use our safe and gentle all-natural supplements along with out special (easy to prepare) diet recipe to achieve long lasting results!



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Pet Calm (anxiety)
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Essential 3 Greens! (balanced nutrition)
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NC Org. GreenPower! 200g
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Pet Boost (immune boost)
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