The trachea is supported by tough rings made of cartilage. Occasionally, the trachea will lose its rigidity and collapse while the dog is breathing. No one is sure why but the cartilage rings weaken and the trachea no longer has proper support. The collapsing trachea syndrome is most often seen in toy breeds, especially Toy Poodles over the age of five.

TESTIMONIAL - Now starting the regiment from you, I think he will do much better with everything being all natural. He has taken 3 doses so far and his cough is slightly better and his breathing pattern is more relaxed. He's not gasping or choking and not having any negative side effects. Kris A.

TESTIMONIAL - I have a 14 yr old Pomeranian who was diagnosed with collapsed trachea about 3 years ago. The vet said to use infant antihistamine and baby aspirin as a treatment regime- "this is all we can do for a dog of his age. So I went hunting for an alternative to the traditional therapy and your product has changes our lives. Within 4 days the cough was vastly improved in depth and wetness. The severity of the attacks is much less severe and less frequent. My boy's overall respiration is greatly improved. Thank you so much for giving my baby puppy back to me. He plays again with our other Pom and the cats. He has energy to run across the yard again, it doesn't trigger a coughing fit and he smiles at me like he did when he was a puppy.

TESTIMONIAL Thank you! It's working.It took over a week to see a difference, but we can all sleep easier at night now and he is much happier. He can play now without excessive coughing.Again, thank you.Anna


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