TESTIMONIAL - hi-i have a 6 pound, 11 month old pomeranian. i ordered the collapsed trachea kit for her. she is in the last phase of her treatment (daily calc). it has worked well for her. she still coughs every now and then but not nearly as much as before and the severity went from acute to mild. since that has worked well for her, i thought i would ask your advice on another health issue she has.... MH
TESTIMONAL - Thanks for your concern. My 15 yr old miniature poodle had increased difficulty following dental surgery and since starting him on your remedies i have seen a noticeable improvement, and so far I have not had to use the Spongia tabs at all. My hope is that he will be more comfortable and less distressed, and so far the results are good. Best wishes, Dave.
TESTIMONIAL: My little Pom is doing wonderful on this regime. We almost lost him in June due to the collapsed trechea. Since he has been on this program, he is doing great. He's now eating, has gained his weight back and his hair has grown back. But most important he is able to breath much better and again he is able to go for his daily walk. I can't thank you enough for this natural rx, it has truly been a life saver for him and us.  Best wishes, Kris
TESTIMONIAL Thank you! It's working.It took over a week to see a difference, but we can all sleep easier at night now and he is much happier. He can play now without excessive coughing. Again, thank you.Anna
TESTIMONIAL - Thanks Guys!  My 15 yr old Chihuahua (Chica) is doing so much better w/this kit.  I still give her what the vet prescribed for her, but not as much...since I see more relief w/the cough drops & pills.  I'm so happy to have found your website, Chica sleeps throughout the night and thanks me with hundreds of face licks, which I'm always happy to receive! Thanks again. Grace  p.s.  Chica was having a hard time jumping onto the sofa, so I put a foot stool there and she was so happy to use it and last night my husband, Jim said "Did you see that?", I said "I sure did!"; Chica jumped onto the sofa w/out using the foot stool...she seems to have more energy now since she's breathing so much easier!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
TESTIMONIAL - Hello Marlene, Ordering your kit was a last hope effort to avoid inserting a tracheal stint in a 6 month old rescued Pomeranian. We had rescued her knowing that she was very ill and recovering from pneumonia and a pneumothorax. Our vet confirmed that the cough and honking that she was experiencing were likely tracheal collapse. Even with all of that traditional medicine her attacks were nearly non-stop. In fact, they were more of a constant condition than an actual acute attack. I am pleased to report that with your Tracheal collapse remedies, I have been able to reduce Lily's inhaled steroid to less than one third of the original amount and the albuterol to less than half.  We, along with Lily's vets, are very pleased with her progress.  I would be pleased to keep you posted on her progress. Sincere Thanks,  Deborah B
Marlene & Michael The product has been a lifesaver. Our Pomeranian is so much better. The meds that were prescribed by our vet were not doing the trick. Thank you again, I'll be ordering before his supply runs out Best Jose L
TESTIMONIAL - Thank you so much, this product seems to be helping him, his cough is not as severe.  The vet said no cure, and have put him on drugs that made him sick.  This is a wonderful alternative, I couldn’t sit there and not do anything to help him.  Thanks again.
Collapsed Trachea support kit

Collapsed Trachea support kit

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The remedies in this kit are homeopathic remedies designed to help the dog who has a dry, hacking cough and constriction in the trachea. The remedies are safe with no side effects. Kit includes a liquid homeopathic remedy plus 2 easy to give mini-pellet remedies that will last 1-2 months and help with the cough and feeling of constriction. Remedies include Homeopathic Cough formula plus homeopathic Spongia, and homeopathic Calc Fluorica single remedies.

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1) Will this cure my dog?
No. A collapsed trachea is a physical condition. The remedies in our support kit are designed to help with the symptoms of hacking, coughing, difficult respiration and relief of the feeling or constriction. The remedies have no side effects.
2) How long will I have to give this?
This depends on the dog, their general health and the severity of the condition. Most people find they can use the remedies when the dog gets excited, exercises too much or begins to cough. Each dog is different.

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