Features and Benefits

  • The kit's remedies have no side effects or interactions with any herbs or drugs
  • Instructions are provided to guide you with suggested doses and help with maintenance doses.
  • The contents of this kit lasts about 2-4 months.
  • In many cases symptoms of collapsed trachea are reduced
  • Safe, non-toxic homeopathic FDA approved remedies

Collapsed Trachea support kit

Collapsed Trachea support kit

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Product Details

The dog remedies in this kit are homeopathic remedies designed to help the dog who has a dry, hacking cough and constriction in the trachea. The remedies are safe with no side effects. Kit includes a liquid homeopathic cough remedy for dogs plus 2 easy to give mini-pellet remedies (spongia and Calc Flourica) that will last 1-2 months and help with the dog's cough and feeling of constriction.

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Homeopet Cough for dogs Homeopathic - Arsenicum Alb, Baryta carb, Drosera, Spongia 6c and 30c potency

Homeopathic Spongia for dogs (sea sponge) and Calc Flourica (calcium fluoride) Dog Remedies in 30x Homeopathic potency

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