Arthritis & Joint

Diet, Herbs and Homeopathy may help

Arthritis and joint conditions are very common in older dogs. Fortunately there are many natural remedies to help your dog. The remedies listed below are gentle and safe with no side effects. They reduce inflammation and help to remove metabolic wastes from surrounding joint tissues. One very important factor for joint health is your dogs weight. Overweight dogs have an additional stress on their joints. As with all our products we recommend a holistic approach - feed a premium or home-prepared diet and supplement with Natural Canine natural herbs and homeopathic remedies.

The Natural Canine Joint Support Kit (see below) is excellent for the dog of any age who may be having difficulty getting up, limping from arthritis, inflamed joints, osteoarthritis, mild hip displaysia, or joint pain. All ingredients are safe, natural and contain no ingredients that may cause unwanted side effects. Not a substitute for veterinary care

Osteoarthritis is a form of degenerative joint disease. Often, there is a genetic component to the disease with symptoms  progressing with age. Arthritis can involve the deterioration of cartilage and bone. In response to inflammation in and about the joint, the body responds with bony remodeling around the joint structure. This process can be slow and gradual with minimal outward symptoms, or more rapidly progressive with significant pain and discomfort. Osteoarthritic changes can occur in response to infection and injury of the joint as well. Conventional drugs may have many unwanted side effects.

Testimonials below...

Arthritis & Joints

Product Testimonials

Product Testimonials

Arthritis & Joint Testimonials

TESTIMONIAL - I bought the Advanced Joint kit and ACL kit for my GSD, Kayla, along with a special recipe you made for me. I LOVE it! Kayla loves to eat now and her arthritis is MUCH better.

TESTIMONIAL: Hi, friends: Right after I ordered the remedy, Jackie seemed somewhat better. Then the day the remedy arrived she was quite stiff when she got up and was limping somewhat by evening. Well, this morning, she's like a pup. No stiffness, no limping! She got out her toys this morning and had a romp before I left for work. (I didn't allow her to overdo it). But I have to say that I am AMAZED at how this stuff works. I really want to learn more about homeopathy. Thanks a million, Linda

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