The anal glands, which are located on either side of the rectum, produce an offensive (to humans) secretion that serves as an individual ‘scent marker’. This is normally secreted into the rectum when there is pressure as a motion (bowel movement, stool, feces) is passed. If the efferent ducts are blocked, the glands become inflamed and the dog will ‘scoot’ or go ‘tobogganing’. He or she will drag the rear end along the ground (usually thought to be worms) and lick the anus if able to reach it. The dog may also throw its head back suddenly as if lanced with pain. Indeed, the stabbing pain may be so violent as to cause temporary paralysis. The anus appears swollen on one side (rarely both) and inflamed. An abscess will frequently develop.

Support Kit Features and Benefits

Testimonial: I just want to thank you.  I ordered the anal gland remedy, the Silicea, and Hepar Sulph Calc. It worked! I am so happy and I am going to tell people that this really worked.  After spending many hundreds of dollars at the vet, this simple inexpensive remedy really worked I am very thank you!

Anal gland support kit

Anal gland support kit

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The Natural Canine Anal Gland Support Kit contains 2 safe, 1 oz bottles of homeopathic remedies for anal gland support (almost always one-sided). Silicea (1 oz), and Aesculus hipp (1 oz). The remedies are used to 'unblock' the glands naturally. The remedies have no side effects and work from the inside. It is a good practice to let your vet know you are using this natural approach so they can monitor the progress. Aesculus will help with  inflammation and Silicea will help keep the anal ducts open. Each bottle contains tiny (easy to give) pellets and will last several months should the problem return. Best combined with a high-fiber diet - for example add some oatmeal or a raw grated carrot to the food. This will stimulate the natural action of the anal glands and help them to work normally. 

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1) Can I express my dog's anal glands myself?
You should ask your vet to teach you the procedure - while it is not difficult, you can easily cause damage or pain (especially small dogs) if you do not do it correctly.
2) How long does the kit last?
Approximately 2 months for average sized dogs.
3) Do I have to home cook?
An important part of the success of our kit is to feed your dog enough fiber to keep the anal glands healthy and functioning properly. We provide suggestion for adding grated carrots or cooked oatmeal to any diet, but our Sojo's food (see left sidebar) is excellent!
4) Does my dog always need to eat special food?
Most likely he/she will - the key is the diet and the amount of fiber. Processed food simply does not have enough fiber to do the job.

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