Features and Benefits

  • Gentle and safe homeopathic remedies work to clear the anal glands
  • Diet recommendation add bulk to stools to clear the glands as nature intended
  • Non-toxic remedies have no interaction with any other herbs or medications

Anal gland support kit

Anal gland support kit



Product Details

The Natural Canine Anal Gland Support Kit for dogs contains 2 safe, 1 oz bottles of homeopathic remedies for anal gland support. Silicea (1 oz), and Aesculus hipp (1 oz).

The remedies are used to 'unblock' the dog's glands naturally. The remedies have no side effects and work from the inside of your dog. Aesculus will help with your dog's inflammation and Silicea will help keep the dog's anal ducts open.

Each bottle contains tiny (easy to give) pellets and will last several months should the problem return. Best combined with a high-fiber diet - for example, add some oatmeal or a raw grated carrot to the dog's food. This will stimulate the natural action of the dog's anal glands and help them to work normally.


Homeopathic Sulphur and Aesculus (horse chestnut) Remedies are in homeopathic potency.

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